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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 00:45:05 -0700 (PDT) From: Man- Writing Subject: Adventures With Phil 1Don't read this if you're not supposed to be reading it. Don't have reckless sex. These characters don't have to worry about disease.Adventures With Phil: Drunk Roomate I had come home late from a club that night, slightly buzzed, but still pretty aware. I walked past my roommate's room and could tell from the darkness through the slightly ajar door, that he was already asleep. 'Phil must have an early morning,' I thought. 'He's never in bed this early.' So I headed toward my room, but I could see that my lights were already on; and on the corner of my bed that I could see through the door, there was an upturned bare foot and leg outstretched towards the hallway. I could tell immediately from the almost hairless musculature that Phil had crashed on my bed for some reason. His body had become familiar to me over the last few weeks, so that I could easily distinguish even his calf muscles from a stranger's. We'd been rooming together for only a few weeks, but he has been one of those guys that feels comfortable walking around the apartment in only his boxers or a towel, even hitting the complex's hot-tub naked if it was late and no other tenants were around. His going in and out of the shower without bothering to shut the door allowed me plenty of chances to take advantage of glimpses of his body, but it always had to be on the sly - quick peeks that I hoped he wouldn't catch. In these naked states, I had only ever seen him soft, but I knew he had nothing to complain about in that department. His little patch of hair and thick hanging cock always got my blood rushing, making it tough to quickly look away, but as far as I knew, he never caught me looking. My eyes could linger a little longer on his backside when he was turned away, but that was all. So when I slowly and gently pushed open the door to my room, my breath got caught in my throat as I revealed Phil, lying stark-naked, perfect upturned ass, on messed up sheets and no pillow. His head was turned to the side and it was obvious that he was asleep. As I quickly surveyed his body - tanned and smooth, fleshy but tight - I could see his broad back slowly rise with each deep breath. For the moment, I knew I could let my eyes wander without fear of being caught, but my eyes were drawn to the big round mounds of his ass and there they were fixed. The muscles of that bubble-butt were full and the pale contrast at the tanline on his waist made the skin on those glutes seem so juicy. I was hardening as I stood there, immobile. But what was I supposed Free Lolita Porn to do now? What was the straight-guy etiquette in this situation? As much as I wanted, he wouldn't be waiting for me, naked, in my bed, on purpose ... so he must have crashed there in a drunk and confused state. Maybe, I was Free Lolita Porn just supposed to go use his bed for the night and let him sleep it off where he lay. That was probably the standard course of action - but where's the fun in that? No, I probably wont have this opportunity again. I'd have to see what I could get away with. But I couldn't just start rubbing my hands up and down his body, like I want; what if he was only sleeping, or not very drunk? No, I'd have to play this off like a joke. Some casual male rough-housing. So taking a deep breath and a good look at all that skin before me, I crept up to the bed quietly, reached out, and gave those cheeks a really good, hard slap with my right hand. As Phil jerked back, his head rose and his eye-lids heavily lifted as he mumbled, "What the ...?" To play this off, I let out a long, low chuckle and walked a few steps past him to my nightstand and dropped down my wallet and keys from my pocket. "What are you doing in my bed, chief?" I asked playfully as I turned around and saw Phil still face-down, but propped up on one elbow now, rubbing his face and forehead with one hand. He looked haggard and tired - his usual drunk face. I walked a step or two closer to him and noticed a slight red handprint forming across his ass-cheeks. "Your bed? What time is it?" He was obviously confused about his surroundings, but it seemed as if he had already forgotten or ignored the slap he had just received. "It's late, champ," I answered. "Now get up, you're getting your naked sweat all over my bed." And with that I flicked the closer ass-cheek hard with my middle finger. "Ow," he said as he lowered his hand from his face and his eyes slowly rose to meet mine. "You like my ass? You keep messin' with it." "Yeah, it's beautiful," I responded in a sarcastic tone. So he had noticed the slap. "I got something else you're gunna like," he said as Free Lolita Porn a smile crept along his face, melting into that mischievous grin I had come to recognize. He lifted his hand down to his ass and began rubbing his big juicy cheeks in a provocative manner. I knew this was some kind of trick or trap, but he was so hot, I couldn't help but watch him. "You like that?" he asked in a breathy voice. "What?" I recovered and looked back into his eyes. "Here's something else you'll like," he said with a smile as he began to roll over in the bed onto his back. Being propped up on an elbow, his chest was the first thing that I noticed - nice pink nipples on a pair of meaty tan pecs with only a slight dusting of peach fuzz. But as he rolled over, the rest of him came into view. The tiny line of hair from his belly button ran down to a small and cropped patch above a slightly thicker cock than I had seen on him before. He was hanging a few inches longer than I remember his soft state to be, and it was laying off to the side on the leg closest to me. So this time I also noticed his large and hairless balls between his well-developed thighs. "You're getting hard, Phil. Do I turn you on?" I said with a smile, trying to get this back into playful and joking straight-guy banter because it still seemed like some kind of trap to out me. "I know, man. I'm so horny," he answered running his fingers down his chest and torso. "Touch it." "What?" I couldn't believe he really asked me that. "Come on, man," he pleaded. "I've been waiting here for you. Just play with it." "Phil," I said calmly. "You're drunk." "So what," he said with a shrug. "I'm horny." He opened up his legs, spreading his knees and bringing his feet closer to his crotch. He looked so good, begging and open on my bed, in a submissive position, yet acting in control. His penis had flopped back onto his belly, facing up toward us. "But when you sober up ..." He knew what I meant. My only worry left - when he comes to his senses, he'll regret whatever went on, and things will never be the same. Being drunk, he has an excuse - I'll just be gay. "Look," he said, grabbing a hold of his cock and pointing it up toward the ceiling, "I'll suck you off, too. I'll do whatever you want." With that his eyes traveled from his cock up to my eyes. They looked sincere. "Really?" I was still smiling, as if none of this was real. His eyes traveled slowly down my body. His other hand reached out to me and I gasped as he put it on my crotch, "Really." As he grabbed my still hardening package and began rubbing and fondling, I realized that he had been for real all this time. My smile left my face as I realized all the implications Free Lolita Porn of his actions around the house and how this was my first time with a guy. But I was brought back to the present when I felt him lowering the zipper on my jeans. I looked down at his hand which was creeping inside my pants and grabbing onto my dick through my boxers. It felt so good to finally have him jacking my cock. His grip was firm and he had me swaying into him and away with each pump. Staring across his muscular arm and rounded bicep, along his grinning face, and up into his dark melting eyes, I felt something inside when his gaze met mine. I had to smile back at him - he was so cute. But I immediately shut my eyes when his hand crept inside my boxers and made contact with the warm flesh he found there. As he pulled my full dick free, through my zipper, into the air between us, I opened my eyes again to watch him pull the skin up along the meat of my cock and back down again. But again, his gorgeous body came into view, lying in front of me, and without even having to think about it, I bent over slightly and grabbed onto a handful of his pectoral muscle. I've always been a fan of big muscles, but I've never been able to see how another man's flesh really feels in my hands. As I groped Phil's meaty chest, I could hear his breathing change. Our heads closer together, now that I was bent over a little, allowed me to hear his startled Free Lolita Porn gasps as I pinched each pointy nipple and twisted or flicked them. Looking down his body, past his adorable belly-button, I noticed that he was now jacking his own cock to the same rhythm that he was pumping mine. I would have taken over pulling on his cock for him, but at that moment, I felt him pull me towards him as he leaned over and enveloped as much of my cock into his wet mouth as he could. I couldn't believe the feeling of his tongue moving back and forth on the underside of my cock, and it made me temporarily cease my assault on his nipples. Before even pumping me in his mouth, he got me thoroughly wet with his tongue. Then he pulled back and played with the head of my cock between his full pursed lips as he continued to tongue the slit and underside. The hand that had been jacking me held on firmly at the base of my cock and the hand that he had been using to play with himself was now pulling my balls out of my jeans. As he started to pull on them in a gentle massage, his mouth traveled back down my cock towards his hand at the base. He would pull off and go back down again, but with each pass, my long dick would disappear further and further into his head. After a couple rounds, I must have been nestled deep in his throat when he held me there and continued the tongue action along the full length of my cock. "Oh yeah," I moaned, standing straight up again. "That is so nice." Even though his mouth was rounded with three-fourths of my cock inside it, he managed to bring his lips up into a big smile. I felt him groan in mutual pleasure and the vibrations of his throat tickled my dick. "You are so good at this," I stated, questioning him. "You deep-throat without a problem. How did you learn this?" I didn't mean to make him stop, but he pulled off me and looked up Free Lolita Porn still smiling. Swinging his legs down onto the floor in front of me, he said, "Don't worry about it, man. Just enjoy it." With that, he undid the snap on my jeans above my cock, and pulled the jeans and boxers down from each hip until they hit the floor and I stepped out of them. "Oh don't worry," I responded with a smile, pulling my shirt up over my head. "I am." Holding Free Lolita Porn each of my hips, he dove back onto my outstretched penis and started pounding away on it. The vacuum of his mouth created by all that sucking action was filling the room with loud slurping noises, and my balls were now dripping from the slathering of his saliva. His hands began to roam down the front of my thighs and then back up from behind until he grabbed a hold of my ass and gripped tightly. He used the pressure from behind me to drive my cock further into his throat until his nose was almost at the base. But as his hands wandered further up my sides and onto my ribcage and then my chest, he lost that force from behind me, so I had to take a hold of his head and pull it further onto me. As I jabbed my hips forward at him, his eyes went wide and he made a muffled yelping noise and then a gagging sound, but I was too lost in the feeling of his face being meshed into my pubes and my entire dick being encased in his warm mouth. I don't think he was suffering any, because he continued his tongue assault and he wasn't pushing away. In fact he was now groping my pecs and pinching my nipples, as I had done to him before. I started to use his head as a fuck toy, pulling it up and down my cock so that he could take a breath when I wasn't lodged down his throat. But when I saw a tear fall from the corner of his eye - not out of pain, but from sheer exertion - I was driven over the edge. "Oh god," I moaned. Free Lolita Porn "I'm going to cum." But on hearing that, for the first time, he resisted and used his hands to push my hips and free himself from my grip on his head. I was yanked out of my ecstasy and back into reality, when I looked down and saw him scooting back on the bed and wiping the saliva from his still smiling mouth. "Don't cum yet," he whispered. "I want my turn." And so, with his legs splayed open in front of me, he lowered himself back across the bed onto his elbows and then looked down at his own engorged cock which was standing at attention. I looked up at him with a grin as if to say, 'I might need some direction on this' and somehow he knew how I was feeling. "Just take it slow," he assured me. "Start by playing with it a little." So I knelt down on the floor in front of his open legs and rested my hands on his knees. After wanting to get my hands on this forbidden fruit for so long, I could feel my temperature rise in anticipation. Taking a deep breath, I ran my hands down along the inside of his thighs and towards my prize. I brought my face down between his knees for a closer look as I wrapped my left hand around the base of his large pole, and my right hand lifted up his hefty ballsack from beneath. Having never had the opportunity to examine a set of cock and balls other than my own, I had to take the time to explore a little. Looking at the swollen dick only inches from my face, I noticed the large tube facing me on the underside, as well as the many veins now pumping in my hand. Having already known my roommate was thick and long, the dimensions of his tool shouldn't have surprised me, but actually feeling the girth of it in my hand widened my eyes a little. With my fingers wrapped around it, I pulled the excess skin up the length of the cock so that the larger head was enveloped in the soft, velvet flesh. When I pulled back down towards the base, Phil sighed softly and a hazy contentedness passed over his face. I continued to slowly work his meat up and down as I had so many times before with my own masturbatory explorations. But I was also taking in the sight of his proportionately large nut-sack. Both of his testicles barely fit on the palm of my hand without one of them sliding off. As I supported them from underneath with my fingers and palm, I ran my thumb over the top of his balls and between them, measuring them and manipulating them. Dropping my hand down a little, they Free Lolita Porn hung low and away from his body in the comfortably warm air. Like two oversized eggs, they were surely bigger than mine. Without ceasing my rubbing and fondling of his long prick above my face, I moved in to get a taste of the thin skin encasing those oblong orbs. The first experience I had with my mouth on another man was exciting, but Phil was the one doing the moaning. My tongue pushed around the folds of loose and tangy skin in my mouth until I sucked one of those big eggs into my puffed out cheeks. Rolling it around in my mouth, I pulled away from his body, keeping up the suction on his nut until it snapped back out of me and against his body. "Mmmm," growled Phil, "do that again." So I sucked the other nut into my mouth, rolled it around, and tried to yank it up and away from him. With a satisfied, "Ahhhh," Phil's hips rose a little, trying to accommodate his stretched sack until the slobbery wet ball was pulled out from behind my lips again. Letting my tongue wander around his balls at the base of his cock, I heard him whisper, "Oh yes." Looking up, I saw his grinning face watching me work, but in my line of vision was also his towering erection that I had been working on with one of my hands. At the tip, I spotted a bead of precum, and raising my head to examine it, I felt the urge to taste it. So holding his dick straight up with one hand, I touched the moist tip with a finger of my other hand. As I raised the finger to my mouth, a line of the sticky substance was suspended for a moment between the slit on the head of his prick and my finger. Once it snapped, I dipped the precum onto my tongue. I had never tasted my own juices, not even my cum - though I had jacked off enough to have had plenty of opportunity. But this time, I knew that I would have to have his cum. Just this bit so far, tasted so interesting to me - it really had me turned on. I wanted to get him off right now. So I dove down onto that big cock with a hunger. I sucked the fat head and as much of the rest of him that I could fit in my mouth until he collided with the back of my throat. Phil sort of jumped and said, "Woah!" with a chuckle as I quickly made my way back up Free Lolita Porn the length of his pole. Heading back down, he kind of pulled away from me and said, "Ahh, hey. Careful with the teeth there, Tiger." I looked up and muffled out a "Sorry" with my mouth full. With an understanding look in his eye, he told me, "Just take your time. Cover your teeth with your lips and use your tongue." And listening to his advice, I lowered my face into his groin with a little more ease this time. The first thing I noticed was how soon I bottomed out. Holding there for a moment, I tried to press on, but felt my stomach automatically lurch and I made the typical gagging noise. "Hang on," he assured. "Let your throat adjust. You don't have to try to be a pro at this on your first go." Smiling, I made a few more head bobs and lathered up the length of him I could handle with my tongue while I massaged the lower half with my hands. "There..." His voice was soft and calm. "That's real nice." Slowing down even more, I pushed gently at the bottom of each stroke and tried to hold back any reaction in my throat until finally, one of the passes along his smooth dick kept going. I surprised myself as I felt more of him inch down the back of my throat. Realistically, I wouldn't take the whole thing down today, but feeling I was now doing a good job, I looked up at Phil to judge his reaction. The approval was obvious when I saw him leaning back on his elbows while his head was rolled back to the bed with his mouth open and his eyes closed. His breathing was deep and pronounced and he had started to gyrate his hips along with my sucking. I felt a hand press lightly on the back of my head in time with the in and out of his dick. I heard him whisper, "Ugh ... fuck." And then a couple more 'ugh's and 'ah's got blurted out rapidly as he picked up the pace with his gyrations and pressing on my head. At last he moaned, "Look out ... gotta cum," and then he let go of my head allowing me to release him from my mouth, but I only dove on deep and stayed there. I wanted him to shoot his whole load into my waiting mouth. One last upward jerk of his hips and I felt a squirt of warm gooey liquid blast onto my tongue. I swished it around once, wanting more, but he yanked himself out of me and started frantically pumping his engorged and reddened pole in front of my face. I couldn't blame him - I knew the frenzied feeling of needing to grip it and drive away at it until every last drop of pleasure is squeezed out. But I was treated with his second powerful volley of cum on my face and outstretched tongue anyway. Still grunting, Phil collapsed onto his back as the fourth shot sprang out his of his fist and up onto his neck, dribbling beads of milky white juices all along his chest and abdomen. The last few spurts progressively lowered themselves along his belly until only a stream of clear liquid leaked and then dribbled out of the hole at the tip of his dick. Slowly deflating as his hand lazily stroked it, his sticky spent cock again appeared the size that I remembered it from the fleeting glances I stole when he wasn't looking - only a great deal redder and wetter. Finally opening his eyes again, Phil was greeted by my grinning face hovering above his open legs with only a streak or two of his cum on my cheeks. "Did you like that?" he asked me with a smirk. When I nodded, he said, "Well why don't you try some more?" and proceeded to dip his finger into the puddle of cum below his belly-button and then brought it up to my lips. I couldn't help but engulf his whole finger and slowly back off of it, still feeling sexy as hell since I hadn't gotten off yet. He laughed a little but I needed more, so I dropped my face to his six-pack and ran my tongue through the slippery jelly there. Sucking like a hoover I swallowed up all of the tasty juice I could, licking my way up the trail of cum on his sex covered body towards his quivering pecs and along his neck until I reached his chin and then his pursed lips. I had never kissed another guy before, but I felt no apprehension after all we had just done together. Our mouths easily slid open and our tongues intertwined as he sucked his cum off of mine. Torsos becoming sticky together, I held myself up on him with my hands on his shoulders and his hands started to rest on my lower back when suddenly I pushed him back down on the bed below me and held myself above him at arm's length, snapping his head back onto the soft mattress. With a worried look on his face and his hands at my sides in an innocent 'What did I do?' pose, he quickly asked, "What? What is it?" Tilting my head, I said loudly, "You're not drunk at all!" His lips crept up into a smile and I said with a little laugh, "I don't taste one drop of alcohol!" Resting his hands back on my sides, he said, "No. I wasn't Free Lolita Porn even asleep." Then looking into my eyes, he softly said, "I've wanted this and I just finally made a move." Smiling again, I dropped back down on top of him a little roughly and plunged back into his kiss as we rolled over on the bed. With me now on the bottom, he rose up and sneered, "How about I get you off now?" "I thought you'd never ask," I replied. And so he continued to leisurely kiss his way down my body and along my still lengthened erection. But he didn't stop there. In a low voice he spoke into my balls, "You're going love this..." And then he quickly maneuvered his hands under my thighs and pushed my legs back onto my abs, lunging down into the crack of my ass with his tongue. I gasped as the feelings around my asshole burst with every nerve ending there sending a jolt straight to my cock. I had never explored down there but I now knew why so many guys loved being bottoms. His wiggling tongue shimmied its way inside my hole, sending a shiver down my spine, causing me to grab a hold of my pole and start giving it a much-needed pumping. When he dragged his tongue back up along my crack and onto the sensitive spot beneath my balls, I could see he was smiling wide and really enjoying the surprise pleasure he was giving me. But always keeping me on my toes, so to speak, he looked up at me, narrowed his eyes, sucked the length of his middle finger into his mouth, and then quickly shoved it up into my ass. I let out a long and loud, "Ahhh .. ooohhh" as he wiggled and twisted that digit inside of me. Again, I couldn't help but pick up the pace on my dick-wacking until I knew I was past the point of no return. "Oh God!" I shouted as I started pounding away with both hands. Always knowing what's going on, Phil opened his mouth between my thighs and so I pointed myself at his tongue and those pearly whites just as I started shooting into the air. The first surge gushed onto his pink tongue but with my pumping, the next torrent shot up onto his forehead and into his hair. To keep it under control, he brought his lips and tongue down onto the head of my cock and lapped up all the remaining spurts while swirling the tip in his mouth along with a pint of my juices. When his ministrations became painful on my sensitive dick, he let go of it, dropping it down onto my belly with a slap, and then crawled back to my face with what I knew was a mouthful of my own cum. Free Lolita Porn Planting an open-mouth kiss on me, he released all that savored liquid between our mouths and we shared it until there was nothing left to pass on. Our kissing seemed never-ending as we rolled around on the sheets - naked bodies and limbs entangled, hands groping warm muscles and flesh. Coming up for air, I noticed the drying cum on his forehead and in his hair while I was laying on his bare chest. He noticed me looking at him. "How was that?" he asked me. "Fantastic," I answered. "You sure know how to make me feel good." We both smiled. "But I'm really curious about who taught you all of this." And I was, because I knew almost all of Phil's friends - we've known each other for years so most of our friends are mutual. I was dying to know if Phil has experimented with some of my friends, which ones, and what they're into. Plus, that would mean there might be spin-off potential - chances for me to hook up with guys I didn't know I could have. "Who taught me what? Blow-jobs and rimming? I've had practice since I was a kid," Phil said with a wink. "But there's so much more than that." "Oh yeah?" I said coyly pretending I didn't know what he meant. But then again, maybe I didn't - he had surprised me plenty already. "Like what?" "Why don't I just show you?" he said rolling me over so that he was on top. "We're young, right? You can come again, can't you?" Of course I could. Well, I could get myself off several times in a day if I was sufficiently bored. "I'm up for whatever you want to try." "Good," he said, getting up off me and standing on the bed above me, penis dangling in the air overhead, one foot on each side of my chest. "I'll get you ready and you get me ready." And before I knew exactly how I was supposed to do that, he turned around facing my feet and kneeled back down, straddling my rib cage. Picking up my flaccid member, he bent down and wrapped his lips around it to get it back up - and it was already working. But as he started, he scooted back into me so that his ass was in my face. Not having time to think about whether or not I wanted to taste that approaching pink asshole, it was suddenly upon me and I was lapping at it like I would the mixing bowl after helping make cookies as a kid. Surprisingly, it was nothing like I expected. Phil was pretty clean and fresh; and it made me hope I wasn't too bad when he had my ass, though I wasn't thinking about that at the time. While running my tongue along his smooth crack and in circles around his hole, I felt some muscles contracting and his cheeks squeezing. Barely thinking about his wetting my hardened cock, I took a hold of those plump white cheeks in my face and held them open. Having allowed myself further access I plunged in tongue-first and penetrated my target. This got Phil's attention and he lifted up from his work for a second to look back and run a hand down his own hip and thigh as he whispered, "Oh yeah, that's it. Get in there." I wiggled my tongue around and slipped it in and out while I kneaded and squeezed his tight butt like dough. Before continuing to slather my dick with his saliva, he ran his hand down his erected cock and across my belly as he gave me a little more instruction, "Open me up. Use your fingers." Lowering my head out of his asscrack and looking to the side around Phil's leg and upper thigh, I could see him sliding up and down my dick while he was blowing me. As it was disappearing and reappearing from his mouth, I stuck my pointer finger there next to it and into his mouth. Switching over to my fingers, he sucked a couple of them separately, wetting them with his tongue, before he switched back to my cock. Now I could more easily press my finger into the ring of his asshole while holding his ass wide open with my other hand. He moaned around my dick as I pistoned a finger in and out of him and pushed it to the sides, twisting and turning. When I felt his muscles stretch, I added a finger, and then slowly, another. He had now let go of me and was groaning louder while propped up on his hands and knees. With each push, his head would rise up and then sag down, grunting as I finger-fucked him. Enjoying the ass-play, he was well-stretched and ready for more. So he said, "Okay," in a soft and breathy voice as he pulled forward and out of my hands. He had crawled toward my outstretched legs and was turning back around to face me as I sat up, holding myself up with an arm behind me. My legs were open now and he was crouching above my lap - his hard-on pointing back at me - when he reached underneath himself and pointed my dick back up towards his ass. With one hand on that cock and one hand on my shoulder, he rubbed the tip along his crack till he found his spot and then looked me in the eye while he began to lower himself down. Though I'm sure he was experienced at this and could take me easily, I noticed a change in his expression as his eyes closed. But I also could feel the tightness of his hole clamp down on my sensitive prick. This was better than his mouth - better than I had dreamed. And I sure had had some dreams about it. Looking down at us, I could see he was actually taking the whole thing, his hand having nothing left to hold on to and direct, so he brought them both to my shoulders and chest. As his slippery, enveloping hole started to slide back up me, I also noticed that his erection had lessened and he was now only half-hard. Slowly his pace quickened on me and I was reeling. So many feelings were hitting every inch of my dick at once. Still picking up speed, his rising and falling were causing his floppy pole to slap down on my abs. But the sexiest sight of him that I had ever seen, was when he released his clench on my shoulders and leaned back between my legs - holding himself up with his hands on the bed. His head lay back and his torso was still, but his waist was elevating and lowering on my crotch, making his long semi-hard cock flop up onto his stomach and then drop down between his perched legs. It was squirming and dancing between us, flying in circles and smacking us while he pumped away on my engorged rod. When I reached down and grasped his shaft, he let out an involuntary yell. It was a definite sign that he was enjoying his ride, but if I had cared, I might have been worried what the neighbors in the apartment building were hearing. I wanted to pull on his dick until he was stiff again, but my hand was caught between us when he rolled forward on his ankles again, pressing our bodies together and wrapping his arms around my back. Under his weight and the pounding of his lifting and falling body and my delirious state, I slipped backward again onto the bed so that we were both lying down - him on top of me. But Phil never missed a beat on his ass, continuing to roll his hips forward and backward, fucking himself in his oblivious condition. With his face next to mine and his breath in my ear, I felt his whole body pumping himself on me, sweat starting to form under my hands as I ran them across his broad back and buttocks. But in this position, even though I was fucking him, he was doing all the fucking. He was getting me so hot that I wanted to feel the power of long-dicking that sweet ass myself. So while we were holding on to each other, I rolled us over on the bed so that I was on the top now and his knees were up by the sides of my chest. Our faces were still inches away, but it was me now, who was pushing that cock up inside of him while I was on my knees. I lifted my body up a little to look down between his legs and past his crotch to my own pounding rod and that massaging asshole of his. When I would thrust harder into him, his body would get shoved down into the mattress and his breath would catch, but I wanted even more than that. So I slowly pulled out and barked at him to turn over. So caught up in his pleasure, Phil didn't care how, as long as he was getting it up the ass. So he rolled over underneath me and laid down flat on the bed. His perfect white ass was sticking up beneath me and I grabbed on to it as I shoved my cock inside his tunnel once again. This time, I could take him a little more roughly because he had already been opened up wide. But the rush I got from plowing into his tight hole so hard was exhilarating and I continued to shove myself up there as hard as I could. In this position, I could rise up and really slam back into him freely, making his grunting so loud now, that he was almost shouting. "Urgh ... Yeah!" he would shout. "Fuck me! Harder!" With every push, I would hurl myself at him and back out again. This Free Lolita Porn would cause his whole body to bounce on the bed, sliding him toward the edge in front of us as I shoved him. Eventually he was holding himself up with his hands on the floor and his torso off the side of the bed angling down toward the floor. "Oh, Yes! Shove that monster cock in my ass!" he continued. I was mesmerized with the wiggling and bouncing of his perky ass cheeks in my hands and so I started to spank him with my right hand as hard as I could while I was fucking him intensely. With his face pushed sideways against the floor, he started to yell, "God, yes! Spank my ass! Harder! Fuck it!" His right cheek had gone completely red but I kept up the slapping and pounding until I heard him scream my name and then I lost it. Even though this was my second cum of the night, I was still gushing a lot into him. The spasming of my cock must have done something inside him as well, because he stopped gyrating and shouting and began moaning in a way that told me he was cumming too. In the middle I pulled out of his warm hole and sprayed his cheeks with the last of my cum, letting it drip down his back and toward his head on the floor. When we had recovered for a minute or two and our breathing had relaxed, Phil slid his legs down to the floor and stood up facing me on the bed again. I could see his stomach and chest were all wet with the milky smearings of his own cum so when he laid back down on top of me, we became a sticky mass of sweat and semen. I ran my hands along his ass and back, rubbing my own cum into his skin as we kissed again and again. "You were excellent," he said between breathy tongue-kisses. "You got me so hot," I responded. "Your body .. is perfect." I was holding his body to mine by pressing his moist cheeks into me as if they were going to run away. My finger was playing with the wetness in his crack and his stretched hole, so I barely noticed that a hand of his had crept down between us and into my spread groin, slipping underneath my sweaty balls. But I suddenly realized what he was doing when a slick finger slid i
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